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Monday, May 23, 2011

NOT the end

The voices in my head have become too loud to ignore, so I'm back. I basically stopped the blog in a fit of bad temper. There's no excuse for that, so I apologize. But I got over it. So here I am, ready to start writing again.

So this week's entry is me shamelessly procrastinating studying for my American History final (I could TEACH that class by now) and doing some fangirl squealing over some things I am really excited about. The most important thing is currently the fact that ALL THREE LORD OF THE RINGS SPECIAL EXTENDED VERSIONS WILL BE SHOWING IN THEATERS NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very excited about this. In case you couldn't tell.

I am saving my pennies to go see them with my brothers and we will go watch them and our heads will explode with the awesome-ness that will no doubt ensue. In all fairness, it will mostly be mine and Aaron's heads that will explode, since Adam isn't as big a geek as we are. But we have so much fun doing it. The showings take place over the course of three weeks in June, the 14th, the 21st and the 28th. They are showing in AMC Theatres, and whoever wants to go with us, put a comment on here! It would be so much fun to go as a group to this *coughcough--hint--coughcough*. Geeks of the realm, unite!

Another thing that, I personally, am looking forward to is The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall, also coming out next month, on the tenth, to be precise. The Penderwicks is an excellent book for someone too young for Little Women but who has outgrown Little House on the Prairie (yes, I know Mom. No one can outgrow Little House on the Prairie). I highly recommend it for anyone (even guys. They'll like one of the male characters, Jeffrey).

So, other thing I'm practically chomping at the bit for--in December, just in time for Christmas an The Adventures of Tintin movie is coming out--and it's being directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson and the screenplay is being written by STEVEN MOFFAT. Of DOCTOR WHO fame.

*inarticulate fangirl flailing*

I am so excited for this, it's not even funny. I mean, come on! How can you go wrong with that incredible crew like that??!!  I tell you, for once the stars have aligned in favor us geeks and nerds and readers of obscure Belgian graphic novels and they have brought us a movie that will no doubt go down in the annals for history for the epic-ness!!!

Yeah, I'm totally full of it. And I'm being super silly. But in all seriousness, I really can't wait.

Other things of note--Cowboys & Aliens is coming next month, I believe. I am going to go see it just for the sake of finding out how Jon Favreau has managed such a concept. I mean, if you're going to be patently ridiculous, you might as well go for the gusto, is what I say. And it's got Daniel Craig (me like) and Harrison Ford (Not-Quite-Yet-Retired Badass) and Olivia Wilde (that one girl from Tron). The trailers look pretty cool (but then, that doesn't really tell you anything; most trailers do) and hey, it's Indiana Jones and James Bond all decked out in cowboy gear. What's not to love?

That's all that comes to mind for now. Oh! Before I forget...

Izzy Talbot would be...Kristen Bell! Only as a brunette, and not a blond, but I'm willing to make a few concessions.  

Over & Out,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This One's for the Girls

Beware men. This blog entry is going to delve deep into the realms and minds of the fairer sex. You have been warned.

With that said, I'm really just going to hammer out some ideas as to what things look like. Because I like pretty things. (See the "Modern Dilemma" entry for similar sentiments.) 

Ayden,  as some of you already know, is a feisty and fiery red-head. In my head, she looks like Karen Gillan who plays Amy Pond from Doctor Who, only American and maybe a little taller. And with brothers. No TARDIS, alas, but we can't have everything in life.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not to sure as to who Sydney looks like. I know what he looks like. He's tall, taller than Ayden with unruly black hair and gray eyes. After some thought, I think the closest approximation would be Matt Bomer, who plays Neal Caffrey from White Collar. I majorly dig the suit. I am a sucker for suits. My Sydney would be somewhat scruffier, though. No suits for him, at least, not yet.

Silas is easy. He looks like Ayden, only in more masculine form, with a stronger build than Sydney is. (Sydney's lanky and tall. I like 'em that way.) He would be...hmm. Chris Pine, I think. Oh yeah. I like this, quite a bit actually. I think I'll keep it. (Heehee.)

Katriona is Taylor Swift, doing a fearsome "big sister" turn, and maybe a bit of a man eater, but never trashy. My Katriona is always classy. Maybe a bit more conservative in dress than this picture. But you get the idea.

That's really all I can think of, for now. The more inspiration that comes, I'll let you all know. And put up more pictures!! *fangirl squeeing*

Over & Out,