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Monday, January 31, 2011

This is What Comes of Letting Characters Talk!

Violet: I have something to say.

Me: Get back behind the curtain!

Violet: Why don't you make me?

Me: I think I will! Get back there!

Violet: No. I have something to say and you're going to listen to me. Or suffer the consequences.

Me: What consequences?

Violet: You created me. I'm in your head. I'm every mean girl who ever laughed at you, made fun of you, mocked you, made you feel worthless and stupid and ugly. I'm all of that, but I'm also more than slightly unhinged, by your characterization. I'm going to wreak total havoc and have the time of my life doing it. I'm going to make your precious Sydney and Ayden miserable. I'm going to watch the world burn, because you want me to.

Me: ...

Violet: You've got nothing to say to that, do you?

Me: Only this--because I never got the chance to in real life. You are nothing.

Violet: Of course I am. You're letting me talk right now, aren't you?

Me: I'm letting you talk so I can set the record straight. If you are figment of my imagination and the vehicle for my catharsis, then you will be handed the ending that you deserve, not the one you actually receive. You may be the manifestation of my childhood tormentors, but Ayden is all that I never was. She isn't afraid of you. And me? I'm going to watch her curb-stomp you to the ground--and have the time of my life doing it. So-- Back. Off.  

Violet: (silence)

The point of this somewhat schizophrenic entry was to establish that I do have my reasons for writing this story of mine. I'm getting my own back from the girls who tormented me when I was younger. But it's kind of exhausting to keep up. So this will mark the end of characters taking over blog posts, for now. Until someone nicer comes along with much more encouraging things to say.

Over & Out,

When Villains Attack (and They Usually Do, I'm Told)

My mother is not very sentimental. At least, this is the impression she wishes to cultivate to outsiders. She isn't very affectionate with people and it isn't in her nature to hug every creature that breathes.
I am not like this. I hug everybody who I like, and there are times when I go up to my mother give her a big ol' hug and kiss and nuzzle because I haven't seen her all day. So naturally, my mother puts up with my sporadic bouts of affection as best she can. My older brother Aaron is like this too. He's always hugging me or Mom whenever he gets sentimental (which is more than one might think, surprisingly).
But let someone hurt anyone of her kids. Let someone make them sad or upset or unjust accusations and then, then the gloves will come off. My mom will fight tooth and nail to defend her kids against all comers and there are times when you just have to fall back and watch her in awe.
I am not like this.
At least, I've never had the opportunity to be like this. I would hope and pray that I'll be able to defend those I love against anyone who tries to hurt them. I'm not very confrontational when it comes to speaking up for my own personal matters, but I like to think that if anyone ever tries to harm my loved ones, God would grant me the courage to defend them, if not myself.
Ayden, the main character of my stories (essentially my alter-ego most of the time) gives me the opportunity to try out my "Mama-Bear" side. She isn't scared to get in someone's face and spring to the defense of her loved ones. They might drive her crazy, but in the words of a comic-book character, "No one gets to kill you but me." Her first instinct is to protect people, though they can make her more than a little bit nuts. (Case in point, the twins Dante and Matteo really like pushing Ayden's buttons.) Ayden is also a little more than hot-headed and reckless (strange but true--both traits were given to her by me) and sometimes will stick her foot in her mouth (that comes from me too unfortunately), but she won't let anyone get away with hurting people she loves.
The reason why I bring this up (and there is a point and a purpose to my ramblings, I promise) is because the current villain of the story, Violet D'Ambrosia (again, I did not make up this name...I found it in the obituaries) decided to regenerate herself a la the Master from Doctor Who and go wreak some havoc at Halcyon House. She hasn't started the drumming (at least, as far as I know), but she's really looking forward to raising some hell. 
In my head, Ayden looks like this, only without the Tardis in the background (though it would be really cool).
Ayden, being the kind of Mama Bear person that she is, is not going to take this lying down. In fact, she plans to unleash some righteous wrath on Violet's unsuspecting head, as soon as she tries something...untoward, as Izzy might say. Sydney's older sister Katriona also has very strong Mama Bear tendencies and she's got even more reason to kick some villain butt than Ayden does right now...but she's going to step aside and let Ayden do it, for now. So now all that remains is to let Ayden do what she does best and do some curb stomping. There may (or may not) be a scarf.
Over & Out,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silas Speaks

So this is my first post of the new year and now more characters are starting to put in their two cents. I blame Katriona for starting a trend.

Silas: Why did you make me into a babbling idiot when I met Katriona?! That's not how it went down!

Me: You could barely speak when you first laid eyes on her. Don't deny it.

Silas: Of course I couldn't, but you didn't have to announce it like that! 

Me: Silas, if you had met her any other way, then it would be lying, and as personal rule, I don't condone that. I have to maintain my author integrity somehow. 

Silas: My family is never going to let me hear the end of this. 

Me: When the rest of your brothers meet Katriona, they will be more than understanding, trust me. 

Silas: Wait--you mean the rest of my brothers are going to meet her?

Me: Um, yes...?

Silas: This is terrible.

Me: They're going to have to meet her eventually...

Silas: How am I supposed to compete with five other boys?! 

Me: For one, Katriona could chew up both twins and spit them out without much effort on her part. Secondly, Arkady and Josef don't have interest in finding romance right now, as you very well know. And thirdly, Finn doesn't care. So quit worrying.

Silas: Oh. 

Me: Next point--you and Sydney need to start getting to know each other.

Silas: I'll pass on that, thank you. 

Me: If you want to get anywhere with Katriona, you're going to have to get to know her brother first. And also, you might as well get used to him; he plans on being around for awhile.

Silas: I don't like the way he looks at my sister.

Me: Maybe he doesn't like the way you look as his sister. 

Silas: I have no rebuttal for that statement. 

Me: I thought not. Now, on to business...

Over & Out,