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Monday, February 27, 2012

Jane Austen in Middle-Earth

So I tried my hand at writing a "deleted scene," of sorts, between Ayden and Violet and seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it's just not working for me.

Ayden: I don't know why you're so unhappy with the deleted fight scene.

Me: Because it's too... violent. And just...not you.

Ayden: So you'll let Violet hit me, but I can't hit her back?

Me: You curbed-stomped her in that deleted scene! Isn't that enough?

Ayden: No.

(Long silence)

Me: *sighs* Okay, okay. The reason why I don't like that fight scene is because I want it to be very clearly defined who's in the wrong here. You striking out and provoking Violet doesn't fit your character.

Ayden: What do you mean it doesn't fit my character? I am the character! You think I don't know what fits me and what doesn't?

Me: You hitting Violet and beating her in physical fight muddies the waters. You're the heroine. You're in the right of it (at least for now). Plus, there's just too much fall-out from the aftermath. It makes everything so much more complicated than has to be, especially between you and Sydney. Also, what said in the last entry still stands--you are not the only character in the story. You can't just decide to do something and not let it have consequences. And for me, looking at that fight scene, the consequences for you would be terrible. Believe me, I wanted to put that fight scene in there. I wanted to see you take Violet down as much as you do. But it doesn't fit. It just doesn't. Would you put Jane Austen in Middle-Earth?

Ayden: ...No.

Me: Well, there you are. Me making you win a brutal cat-fight between you and Violet is like putting Jane Austen in Middle-Earth. It just doesn't work.

Ayden: ....Do I still get to hit her? Just once?

Me: *even longer sigh* I'll see what I can do.

Ayden: You better.

It's all about compromise.

Over & Out,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Hiding Under the Table

Ayden: I can't believe you.

Me: The ban on characters talking still stands!

Ayden: I don't care! Why is she here??

Me: You know perfectly well why.

Ayden: I don't want her here. And no one else does, either! You know what I was about to do! Why should we have to suffer her?

Me: Ayden, this may come as a shock to you, but you are not the only person in this story. There are other people who need resolution and closure too. I'm sorry that I had introduce Violet, but--

Violet: Did I hear my name?

Ayden: YOU!  Get. Out.

Me: Oh boy.

And that leads to today's entry title. Why I'm currently hiding under the dining room table where I do most of my work, trying to avoid the verbal shrapnel that's about go flying. Ayden has...taken a strong, definite, certainly not discreet stand on her opinion of Violet D'Ambrosia's entering the narrative at this point. And Violet...well, she's not being very forthcoming. I can't get a read on her (oh the irony) and she's not likely to be offering enlightenment any time soon. You know how a cat will hide and then come as if it's their idea all along, not like you've been calling them for the past five minutes? Violet's like that. Only worse, because cats can't talk.  And also aren't manipulative, malevolent, chaotic and just plain underhanded. Or at least, not all cats.

Violet: You give me such wonderful compliments.

Ayden: YOU...!

Me: Still hiding.

Over & Out,