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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Do You Solve a Problem Like

...The somewhat depressing entry of last week. It's sad news and I kind of tear up whenever I see it, and I wanted a change. So now the blog background is different. Again. To a cute little bird in a bird cage tweeting and a very nice shrubbery in the background (and I didn't even have to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring to get it). To something suiting my current mood, since Spring has finally decided to start acting like it. February/March/the beginning of April in California is crazy, at least weather-wise, but I digress. Also, note the picture to the bottom left--daffodils, my favorite spring flower under a lovely blue sky with clouds. If that can't cheer anyone up, then there's no hope for them.

So, yes. Happy news. Why is it harder to think of good things as opposed to bad things? Good things are nicer to remember, but bad things come more quickly to mind. Why is that, do you think?

Happiness! So, Halcyon House is nearing the 100-page mark, which is always a milestone for a writer. Last time I checked, it's word count was 57,586. The only reason it's just reached the 100-page mark is because I prefer using Verdana font for my personal work. If it were something like Times New Roman, it would be over 120 pages by now. At the least. But it isn't. It's almost a 100 pages and all the better for us.  Apart from that, there isn't much to tell at the moment. 

Ayden's having a minor nervous breakdown because only some of her brothers (Silas, Dante, Matteo and Finn) are coming to Halcyon House to help her renovate it, and Sydney keeps having to give her speeches, much to his own dismay. Our boy hates having to give speeches. Silas is more than just a little apprehensive about having Katriona at the house, while Katriona is looking on with barely concealed interest, because she's been waiting for almost twenty pages to have Silas come back, and she hasn't been all that patient about it. Liam too, keeps piping up, insisting on having his say. "It's only fair," he told me, "that I get to say my piece in this tale. There's a lot of questions that still need answering."

Liam, like he is in most matters, is quite right. Violet is still skulking in the background. Ayden's promised violence and suffering if she tries to sneak in before her time, and Violet's taken her at her word. Sensible of her. Even I can hardly control Ayden when she promises violence and suffering. The girl keeps her promises.   

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