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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspiration--the Sneaky Bugger

It's almost frightening how easily my final project for CW is coming together. The characters have changed their skins so easily for this plot line that the ideas are flowing like crazy.  Ayden is a librarian (still), Sydney doesn't know what he wants to do quite just yet (maybe a teacher, but he likes the idea of carpentry, for some reason), Silas is a dojo owner/karate teacher, and the rest of the McKenna brothers (new characters created for this story) are forming their own personalities quite swiftly.
There is Arkady, the oldest McKenna boy, the first born, and he has aspirations to become a doctor. He's very stubborn about his role as the oldest, and sometimes thinks it necessary to upbraid his siblings (i.e. Silas, Ayden, Finn) for a lack of ambition. He means well and loves his family, but he can't forget growing up in the blue-collar class, which is why he wants to become a doctor.
Then there is Josef, the second oldest, who decided to join the army as a way of escaping the family neighborhood. He's not as rigid as Arkady (surprisingly) but he's the calm, peace-keeping mediator of the arguments between his siblings. For being in the army, Josef turning out to be more laid-back than I first thought, and he helps the younger siblings with their own personal goals.
Then there are the twins, Dante and Matteo, fun-loving and mischievous. They're lackadaisical, prank-playing and not impressed by Arkady and Josef's more lofty ambitions. They want to become stage magicians, or more accurately, flourishers, which is a fancy name for card dealers and their tricks. They rag on their siblings mercilessly, but will be the first to defend them from outsiders.
Silas, Ayden's favorite brother, as aforesaid, is a karate teacher/dojo owner. He still maintains the blunt, sarcastic, cynical personality I first imagined him with, but he's got a streak of pragmatic practicality to off-set the older boys. He's not as loud as Dante or Matteo, but he can be called upon to set Arkady in his place if his ambitions start running away from him.
And then the final brother, Ayden's second partner-in-crime, Finn, the artistic, sensitive, musically inclined one in this bunch. He encourages Ayden's desire to write and has plans to become a professional singer/guitarist when he gets older. He also has a edge of mad recklessness that worries his whole family and a quietly wicked sense of humor that Ayden and Silas share.
So there they are, the McKenna boys, and not a moment to spare, because I'm going to start writing this one in earnest--and who know where it will end up?    
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  1. your character names crack me up... where did you come from, and how did I get a daughter like you?

  2. Where you in doubt when you asked father?
    The family's Irish-Italian, Russian-Romanian. I couldn't very well name them something John and Jacob, could I? It's been done one too many times.