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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Long-Awaited Explanation

Since no one but me understands the name of my blog and it's only fair to offer some kind of explanation, it comes from the title of a sequence of novels I've been working on for the past two/three years, since the winter of '08. They are fantasy novels, set in the real world (I'm not quite up to making up and creating my own world a la Tolkien and Lewis just yet), starring one Ayden Grace Fletcher (last name due to change soon) and the circumstances surrounding her birth, the seventh-child of a seventh-child. Traditionally, there has always been some special significance applied to the number seven, and the seventh-born child superstition was one that easily applied itself to my character, and open to interpretation to an aspiring writer like myself.
With that said, the original title of the story was "Panic! On a Winter's Night" because I thought it sounded hip and relevant, as my high school Bible teacher Mr. Cummings used to say, like the name of that band I've never listened to, "Panic at the Disco."  But as the story progressed and I realized Ayden & Co. simply wouldn't be satisfied with only one measly installment and they all had insisted to stretch it out to three, I knew name checks were in order. And it turned out that "Panic! On a Winter's Night" proved very difficult to come up with two other follow-up acts, such as "Disaster! On a Spring Evening" and something along the lines of "Catastrophe! On A Summer's Day" (though I never actually got that far in picking out names).
You see my problem.
So, keeping in with the changing-season theme, I changed "Panic!" to "Tale the First: Midwinter's Day," and the second and third installments are "Tale the Second: Midsummer's Night" and "Tale the Third: All Hallows Eve," respectively. And it seems to have worked out pretty well so far. The Seventh-Born Chronicles are still are work in progress (the third installment is giving me some trouble) and I hope to make some serious progress by the end of the year. 
And a word of warning: when given the chance, I'm going to talk about my stories as often and for as long as I can, so be prepared for a lot of introspective musings. If that's not your cup of tea, go text someone.
(Sorry. This blog is a text-speak/Web-slang free zone, where those who frequent are expected to use the actual ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Yes, I'm slightly sensitive about it. You're talking to a future novelist and librarian here.)
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  1. are you going to correct everyone's grammar? i'm a little intimidated... oops, I'm a little intimidated. I like text-speak!

  2. This may be your only opportunity to correct the "Queen's" Grammar!