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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Emerging of Ideas

Apologies to you all, gentle readers, who have been waiting for me to finally post a new entry. Real Life tends to take priority right now.
So I came up with an idea that might be brilliant for Halcyon House (that being my more urgent project).
Ayden need to renovate the house, yes? She obviously can't do it by herself and Sydney & Co. That only gives her, like, four people, maybe five, counting Katriona (Sydney's sister, and she's not really the hard labor type). She also needs to introduce her family to Sydney somehow, thus opening the door to their two families meeting at once. So what would be the most obvious course of action to take?
Have all the brothers come to Halcyon House and help Ayden fix it up.
At first, I didn't like the idea of it very much. I mean, the McKenna brothers have already established themselves as very strong, well-defined characters. Introduce them all at once and they could take over the plot completely, leaving Ayden and Sydney in the background. But the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me. It opens up the door to a reconciliation with Ayden and her brothers, since it proves to them that she isn't just the little sister who needs to be looked after and taken care of all the time. Ayden runs the show and looks after everything, and her brothers see that she is capable and competent and able to take care of herself. It's also an opportunity for Ayden's parents, Gregor and Natalia, to come see their daughter's handiwork and Liam's house restored to glory.
Though I may wait for a bit before having the McKenna boys descend on Ayden and Sydney like a horde of locusts. They need some time to work out the issues between themselves, and I need to finally establish why Sydney is at Halcyon House in the first place. For any of you who are wondering, I haven't quite figured that part out yet, but I'm pretty sure that my villain (more or less) Violet D'Ambrosia, will be making an appearance.
Yes, her name is Violet D'Ambrosia. No, I did not make it up entirely by myself. I saw it in one of the obituaries one Sunday and thought it was too good a name to go to waste. I wanted a very exotic, uncommon name for her, because she's an uncommon, exotic character (or at least, I hope she is). I'll leave the details of Violet up the imagination of the reader for now--she's too busy skulking in the background for me to get a very clear bead on her. Though from what she's shown me so far, she appears to be pretty nefarious!
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