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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank You's Go Out To...

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, full of the three essential F's--Food, Friends, and Family. Made even better because my oldest brother Aaron came home from college in Ohio and stayed the weekend. So, here are the things I'm thankful for...
1) My Family, all of them, for their combined craziness makes it's way into everything I write and somehow makes it interesting.
2) The Computer and Microsoft Word, for the incredibly useful and sometimes annoying spell and grammar check, because Bill Gates does not know more than Shakespeare!!
3) Nicole Petersen of my CW class, for being kind enough to edit the raw beginnings of Halycon House and putting up with my comma abuse. Also for being a fresh set of objective eyes and supplying some incredibly useful ideas for Halcyon House when she gave feedback to me.
5) My Dad, who knows how to smoke a turkey and do it really well.
6) Anne Osterlund, because her example of a blog inspired me to do this one...and I (literally!) wouldn't be here right now, typing this.
7) Last and not least, my Heavenly Father, Who has been kind enough to bless me with another year of life...and I hope more to come, so I can finally say I finished something!
Over & Out,

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