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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So here I am, minding my own business, when Katriona, Sydney's older twin sister, decides to put in her two cents:

Katriona: You need to introduce Silas to Sydney already.

Me: Wait, where did you come from?

Katriona: Never mind that now. Why isn't Silas here yet? 

Me: Because it's not time to introduce him. 

Katriona: Time! Your brother leaves in January and I thought you wanted to get the story done by then! And my brother keeps making cow eyes at Ayden and Silas needs to come and break that up.

Me: You haven't even met Silas yet. Why are you so interested in him?

Katriona: I need someone to distract me from my brother mooning over Ayden.


Katriona: Yes, you are.

Sydney: She's annoying and intelligent, and the last thing I need right now is two intelligent females about to gang up on me.

Me: Sydney, go back to Halcyon House, please, and help Wyatt and Amos. 

Sydney: Fine. But I do not moon over anyone!

Katriona: He's so cute when he's in denial. 

Me: Sydney, go. Katriona, I honestly can not have you both having a battle of wits each other every time you show up.

Katriona: But it's fun and you're so good at it. And is Silas going to show up soon?

Me: I'm working on it.   

Katriona: See that you do. 

Ayden: Wait, why are you talking about my brother?
Katriona/Me: We're not.

Ayden: Because I distinctly heard Silas's name being mentioned. 

Katriona: I didn't say anything. (turns to me) Did you say anything?

Me: Not a word.

Ayden looks at us both suspiciously.

Ayden: If you're certain...
Katriona: Of course we're certain. Now come on, we need to look at more fabric swatches. 

Ayden: Not more fabric....

Me: That was close. (wipes brow)

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