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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silas Speaks

So this is my first post of the new year and now more characters are starting to put in their two cents. I blame Katriona for starting a trend.

Silas: Why did you make me into a babbling idiot when I met Katriona?! That's not how it went down!

Me: You could barely speak when you first laid eyes on her. Don't deny it.

Silas: Of course I couldn't, but you didn't have to announce it like that! 

Me: Silas, if you had met her any other way, then it would be lying, and as personal rule, I don't condone that. I have to maintain my author integrity somehow. 

Silas: My family is never going to let me hear the end of this. 

Me: When the rest of your brothers meet Katriona, they will be more than understanding, trust me. 

Silas: Wait--you mean the rest of my brothers are going to meet her?

Me: Um, yes...?

Silas: This is terrible.

Me: They're going to have to meet her eventually...

Silas: How am I supposed to compete with five other boys?! 

Me: For one, Katriona could chew up both twins and spit them out without much effort on her part. Secondly, Arkady and Josef don't have interest in finding romance right now, as you very well know. And thirdly, Finn doesn't care. So quit worrying.

Silas: Oh. 

Me: Next point--you and Sydney need to start getting to know each other.

Silas: I'll pass on that, thank you. 

Me: If you want to get anywhere with Katriona, you're going to have to get to know her brother first. And also, you might as well get used to him; he plans on being around for awhile.

Silas: I don't like the way he looks at my sister.

Me: Maybe he doesn't like the way you look as his sister. 

Silas: I have no rebuttal for that statement. 

Me: I thought not. Now, on to business...

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  1. While your conversations are amusing and witty, it concerns me that you are having actual conversations with your characters.... Then again, this isn't any different than you wandering around & around the backyard talking to yourself. LOL Sheesh: writers!