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Monday, January 31, 2011

This is What Comes of Letting Characters Talk!

Violet: I have something to say.

Me: Get back behind the curtain!

Violet: Why don't you make me?

Me: I think I will! Get back there!

Violet: No. I have something to say and you're going to listen to me. Or suffer the consequences.

Me: What consequences?

Violet: You created me. I'm in your head. I'm every mean girl who ever laughed at you, made fun of you, mocked you, made you feel worthless and stupid and ugly. I'm all of that, but I'm also more than slightly unhinged, by your characterization. I'm going to wreak total havoc and have the time of my life doing it. I'm going to make your precious Sydney and Ayden miserable. I'm going to watch the world burn, because you want me to.

Me: ...

Violet: You've got nothing to say to that, do you?

Me: Only this--because I never got the chance to in real life. You are nothing.

Violet: Of course I am. You're letting me talk right now, aren't you?

Me: I'm letting you talk so I can set the record straight. If you are figment of my imagination and the vehicle for my catharsis, then you will be handed the ending that you deserve, not the one you actually receive. You may be the manifestation of my childhood tormentors, but Ayden is all that I never was. She isn't afraid of you. And me? I'm going to watch her curb-stomp you to the ground--and have the time of my life doing it. So-- Back. Off.  

Violet: (silence)

The point of this somewhat schizophrenic entry was to establish that I do have my reasons for writing this story of mine. I'm getting my own back from the girls who tormented me when I was younger. But it's kind of exhausting to keep up. So this will mark the end of characters taking over blog posts, for now. Until someone nicer comes along with much more encouraging things to say.

Over & Out,

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