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Monday, March 21, 2011

Opening the Channel

Since some minor changes have come up in Halcyon House as of late, I decided to lift the restriction on letting characters have their say on blog posts. Since Sydney hasn't had his chance, I'm letting him chat for a bit.

Sydney: So I'm Sydney Maddox now.

Me: Yes, you are. Is that a problem?

Sydney: I was Jenkins for almost seven years. It's kind of a change.

Me: Well, yes. But this way I can tell the difference between you and the other Sydney.

Sydney: Wait--now there are two of me?

Me: From that fantasy sequence that I was working on. The one this blog is named after. The one I'll get back to as soon as I finish Halcyon House.

Sydney: Is there any discernible difference between me and this...other Sydney? I sound like a crazy person.

Me: You're older than he is. And you sound no crazier than me.

Sydney: Is that supposed to reassure me? Because it really isn't.

Me: You're also a lot snarkier and tormented.

Sydney: Awesome. I've always wanted to be tormented. Got anything else you can add on? Inhuman speed? Golden eyes? Sparkling skin?

Me: I will not dignify that with a response.

Sydney: Of course you won't. On another note, why does Maddox sound an awful lot like McKenna?

Me: Coincidence. Also, your dad is Welsh and Jenkins seemed like such a typical Welsh surname that I wanted something different. Maddox fit the bill nicely.

Katriona: It's also because Ayden didn't like the way her name sounded as "Ayden Jenkins." "Ayden Maddox" sounds much better.


Sydney: Wait a minute. The only way her name would be "Ayden Jenkins" or "Maddox" is if she married...

Katriona: Well, she certainly wouldn't marry any of our cousins or me, for that matter. Most of our cousins are too old and I'm spoken for. 

Ayden/Sydney: Since when?

Me: Back behind the curtain! The lot of you! I really should know better...

Over & Out,

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