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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Cupid Kills with Arrows, Some with Traps

I suppose I should just come out and say it: as the title above suggests, I am an unabashed Shakespeare addict. I read his plays for fun and quote the lines to myself when I feel I need encouragement. My favorite play is Much Ado about Nothing (where today's entry title comes from), because a) Beatrice is awesome and b) Benedick is awesome and c) Kenneth Branaugh and Emma Thompson in those roles are awesome. In Beatrice and Benedick, my Ayden and Sydney have their inspiration.

Like their Shakespearean counterparts, Ayden and Sydney are incapable of doing anything simply. I've tried reasoning with them, cajoling with them, negotiating, and finally, out-and-out ordering them to get their act together, but when either one of them has the bit between their teeth, they don't let go. While I wouldn't dare call either one of them sentimental in any way, but Sydney does have a dramatic and romantic streak in him and Ayden just hides hers to the point of non-existence. Sydney would like nothing more to than to make some grand gesture, but Ayden's not having any of it. It's not that she enjoys foiling Sydney's plans, mind you, it's just she genuinely doesn't understand why he would.

Ayden is practical and straightforward, while Sydney would rather take a window if the door is closed, if you get my drift. They're both fiercely stubborn and incredibly strong-willed individuals, but Sydney's dramatic streak tends to get in the way of his good sense at times. Ayden's down-to-earth practicality provides a nice foil to his ideals. Of course, Sydney's passionate and playful sense of drama lightens Ayden's single-minded determination. And they both have to have the last word. It's like a contest between them, one that neither one is going to win anytime soon, but they're having the time of their lives doing it.

Of course, Ayden's got a romantic streak buried deep, deep, deep down (Mariana Trench deep) underneath her practicality and it aggravates her to no end that Sydney seems to be able to cause it to surface with little to no effort. You see, Ayden's got six brothers who scared off any potential suitors for the majority of her life. Sydney could give a rap as to Ayden's brothers, and he is sincerely curious as to how far Ayden is going to go to suppress it.

If this roundaboutation between them keeps up, then I'm going to have Silas or Katriona intervene and then that could end all kinds of badly. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

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